9 December 2019 0 By beheerder

Welcome to Mysouvenirshop

Although the name may suggest that we sell souvenirs, that is only partly true. Souvenirs are usually linked to an environment or a cultural event or place. However, you must first find that place. We try to show you these most beautiful places in the Netherlands in our blog and we also try to offer regional souvenirs through our webshop. That is why our website has a blog appearance with a webshop in the background.

In addition, we also want to promote vacation tips through advertisements, such as holiday homes and cycling holidays.

6 June 2017 0 By beheerder

Tourism in the Netherlands

Even though we are almost the smallest country in Europe, apart from Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, the Netherlands is known worldwide for many reasons. Tourism in the Netherlands is often regarded by us as civil or narrow-minded. However, we have a number of very beautiful nature reserves in our beautiful little country to name something. What to think of the Biesbosch, the high and low Veluwe, the Limburg hills or the flat Frisian and Groningen landscape.