Harlingen most beautiful city of Friesland

Harlingen most beautiful city of Friesland

26 December 2019 0 By beheerder

What exactly is the most beautiful city of Friesland is hard to say because it depends on personal taste. However, if you consider that Harlingen houses more than 500 protected monuments, then Harlingen certainly belongs to the top.

Harlingen Harbour

The center of Harlingen looks a bit like a maze. You walk through history and sometimes you imagine yourself back in time with all the beautiful monuments along the route. On the dike is a statue called the Januskop. The statue depicts Caspar de Robles, also known as the “stone man”. This Spanish officer was the lieutenant-stadholder of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. He started the fight against water in the second half of the 16th century. He tackled the coastal defense in such a powerful way that the water no longer constantly flooded the meadows.


Harlingen is located on the Wadden Sea and that means that you will be hit by a salty history throughout Harlingen. Harlingen is located on the Wadden Sea, the location on the Wadden Sea World Heritage determines the tough, quirky character of Friesland’s only seaport city.

Thanks to the glorious nautical past, you can see a rich legacy of canal houses, warehouses and canals. Harlingen has the largest brown fleet in the Netherlands. All this is the source of inspiration for many large and small-scale events. In combination with special shops, eateries, cozy cafes, top restaurants, galleries, beach pavilion Het Zilt and terraces. “
Source: VVV Harlingen