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27 January 2020 0 By beheerder

Groningen a history full of struggle

Groningen is the most northern province of the the Netherlands. It is also the most difficult province to describe in terms of history. If you look back in time, you can see that the history of Groningen actually consists largely of conflicts since the 16th century. Groningen is also the name of the provincial capital, a city where more than a third of the residents of the province are housed.

12 January 2020 0 By beheerder

Utrecht, city of the forgotten treasures

Utrecht is not immediately the first province that you think of when you go on a city trip or just go on vacation or a day out. Yet that is not justified. Utrecht has a rich history and throughout the city you will also find the most beautiful parts of the old city, beautiful museums and beautiful nature reserves. Utrecht is the book as the 4th province of the Netherlands. The municipality of Utrecht is surrounded by municipalities such as De Bilt, Stichtse Vecht, Woerden IJsselstein, Nieuwegein, Houten, Zeist, and Bunnik.